Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Queen of Tea and Biscuits

I got the most wonderful surprise parcel today. It was addressed with a seal proclaiming 'For Queen Lesley' and contained a very important Royal portrait (and not of Wills and Kate.....) The rather special Gaia Bordicchia (AKA Countess of Coffee and Cake) had drawn a portrait (entirely accurate) of me for Christmas entitled 'Lesley Queen of Tea and Biscuits' So now you know - blue blood flows through my veins (probably mixed with biscuit crumbs and tea...)
In other news I also bought myself a rather wonderful vintage cape (take a peek here)
The ace Aqua Velvet wrote a wee bit about me on her blog


  1. What a nice gift you received, and that cape is BEAUTIFUL. Vintage you say? -it looks brand new. Wow, what a find!
    You've got the world on a string don't you??