Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Quiet Tiger Roars!

I was a very lucky girl on christmas eve as I got a special parcel in the post......a tiger!

A few months ago the amazing Kit Downes asked if I would like to collaborate with him and his Jazz band (Kit Downes Trio) on some animation and art for their new album Quiet Tiger. They are very talented and their last album Golden was nominated for the Mercury music prize.

Usually I am slightly disappointed seeing my work in print but I actually love how the cover looks......and the music is great too!
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The winner of the Firebird Concertina was Ted Blackman

Monday, 20 December 2010

Belle and Sebastian

I went to see Belle and Sebastian at the Barrowlands .....they were ace and brought warmth to the chilly heart of Glasgow in the snow (and also played my favourite song Judy and the Dream of Horses)

I was very sad and spent rather too long taking pictures of the merchandising stall......one of my friends even bought a bag with my panto design (which was good cos at least they sold one!) I bought myself one of these rather lovely tour posters (by Strawberry Luna)

I did try to take pictures of the show...but alas I am small in stature and couldn'r really see.....

So thank-you to Sarah for getting me in, my friends for putting up with my embarrassing behaviour, and the stars on the ceiling of the Barrowlands!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Firebird's Christmas Selection Box

as a lover of everything shiny and ace the firebird would like to share with you some wonderful things that have caught his eye this festive period...
firstly, every girl wants a pony in her stocking, so Edward and the Horse, a vintage children's book by swedish designer Olle Eksell would be a fantastic gift. You can buy it from the Grain Edit shop.

if like me you forgot to buy an advent calender just visit Thereza Rowe's amazing winter drawing blog and while you're there why not pop into her shop and buy a neighbourhood book too?

another advent option is to order yourself an advent stencil from Present and Correct. Lesley has number 12....but there are still lots of days you can get your mitts on....

all Lesley wants for Christmas is a cowboy so the firebird has ordered this fantastic cowboy brooch from Matt Taylor's shop

and christmas also means panto! so why not order yourself a panto Belle and Sebastian bag (designed by lesley!)

Monday, 13 December 2010

giveaway! a creature of rare beauty!

hello! I am Lesley and I like to draw. cut stuff out and make things move.....I thought that I should start a blog for 2011.....so to get a headstart I decided that a special giveaway might be just the ticket.....
If you are feeling a bit chilly this winter how would you like to win your very own firebird? whilst the actual firebird is, I'm afraid, too rare and delicate to send by post I have up for grabs a very special concertina print! The concertina is printed over two sides and is over one and a half metres long - perfect for that empty shelf.
"But Lesley how do I get my little hands on this creature of rare wonder and beauty?" I can hear literally no-one asking!
Well.......all you need to do is tell the firebird what you would do with a golden apple (just leave your answer as a comment below)
After the new year has begun the firebird will dive his beak into the comments and randomly pull one out - the golden comment - the winner!
And if you just can't wait that long you can get your mitts on some ace firebird prints from soma here