Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Quiet Tiger Roars!

I was a very lucky girl on christmas eve as I got a special parcel in the post......a tiger!

A few months ago the amazing Kit Downes asked if I would like to collaborate with him and his Jazz band (Kit Downes Trio) on some animation and art for their new album Quiet Tiger. They are very talented and their last album Golden was nominated for the Mercury music prize.

Usually I am slightly disappointed seeing my work in print but I actually love how the cover looks......and the music is great too!
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The winner of the Firebird Concertina was Ted Blackman


  1. beautiful art!! the snowflakes inside are ace :)

  2. That's beautiful - especially like the tiger in the snow..!

  3. I agree, nice looking cover. I don't say ace, but I say AWESOME! -the Yank from California.

  4. thanks everyone....the 'awesome' tiger will be animated in the new year!