Monday, 3 June 2013

Wishes for Mees

I recently contributed my lion to a  set of 24 feel good greetings cards that have been produced by The Mighty Pencil to raise funds for Mees Pieter Wennekes and his family, giving them the opportunity to travel to the USA for Mees' cancer treatment. Mees' father, Jan Wennekes is a member of The Mighty Pencil, and we really want to help Mees, please support this project and help a wonderful young boy get his cancer treatment. 


* 3rd June 2013 UPDATE * - Mees' family have recently reached a point where they have achieved the target required to enable them to take Mees to the USA for his cancer treatment. Isn't that wonderful! However this is only the beginning, Mees and his family will be travelling to the Florida Proton Institute in Jacksonville, USA later this month for his treatment and I'm sure we would all like to send our love to them all at this time. Mees' foundation has been set-up in a way that all money now raised will go to children and their families in similar situations, so we are able to continue selling the Wishes For Mees greetings card sets and raising more money for more children with cancer. Please support this most important cause and continue buying your card sets and helping more wonderful young children. 

The full retail price (£20) of each card set, plus all bonus donations will go directly to Mees' foundation. 

For more details on the 'For Mees' Foundation please visit