Thursday, 16 December 2010

Firebird's Christmas Selection Box

as a lover of everything shiny and ace the firebird would like to share with you some wonderful things that have caught his eye this festive period...
firstly, every girl wants a pony in her stocking, so Edward and the Horse, a vintage children's book by swedish designer Olle Eksell would be a fantastic gift. You can buy it from the Grain Edit shop.

if like me you forgot to buy an advent calender just visit Thereza Rowe's amazing winter drawing blog and while you're there why not pop into her shop and buy a neighbourhood book too?

another advent option is to order yourself an advent stencil from Present and Correct. Lesley has number 12....but there are still lots of days you can get your mitts on....

all Lesley wants for Christmas is a cowboy so the firebird has ordered this fantastic cowboy brooch from Matt Taylor's shop

and christmas also means panto! so why not order yourself a panto Belle and Sebastian bag (designed by lesley!)


  1. This is a lovely post. Your firebird is simply amazing. It cheered me up. Thank you.

  2. Love the book... It's wonderful.

  3. oh wow! love the bag, love belle&s!! didn't know you made a design for them. great! :)

  4. thanks for taking a look!

    and actually going to see belle and sebastian tonight...will take my camera along and (this is very sad) will take some snaps of my merch!

  5. great! just seen your post on twitter! give them a hug if you can :D

  6. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful post. There a lot of interesting things. I am still looking through them :)

    p.s. Belle and Sebastian bag is amazing!