Thursday, 6 January 2011

Postcards.....and a wee giveaway!

I LOVE postcards and I have a huge drawer full of them - they also fill every available shelf and space on my wall! Here's a few lovely postcards I recieved recently from some of my favourite illustrators (and people)
top left - a super christmas post card by the amazing Anke Weckmann
bottom middle - you can pick one of the top Thereza Rowe's postcards at your local cinema as she designed the promo material for 'The Thorn in the Heart' by Michel Gondry.
bottom right and left - The lovely Yelena Bryksenkova sent me some of her postcard sized ladies.

and a wee giveaway! Amelia sent me a stack of postcards with my Christopher Raeburn image from her new book (You can read my blog about it here) I will pick three from any comments left below and send them one of these postcards!


  1. The book looks lovely @leslie. I have 3 of your book marks now, plus some nifty buttons. Sweet!

  2. Yay for postcards and giveaways and awesome people named Lesley! :) Happy new year to you!
    -Lesley (Words & Eggs)

  3. i've already got mine. thank you so much!
    i'm also addicted to awesome postcards :)

  4. Lesley! I received my Firebird Concertina this week that I won in your contest and it's AWESOME! I mean ACE, sorry :)
    It will be proudly displayed in my office at Warner Bros Animation above my drawing table. Thank you.
    I continue to be a follower of your fine art. My cartooning may seem a bit coarse compared to your beautiful folk-inspired art, but the different directions we take to reach the world through our art is what makes the journey so amazing. So thank-you again.

    -Ted Blackman, the yank from California.

  5. Know what you mean about postcards - mine are spread all over the house, and some of them I've had for 10, 20 years. A bit scary, now that I think of it...

  6. Thank you for your wonderful card, too, Lesley! It's so pretty. xx