Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year Giveaway!

It's january which can be a little depressing..... You can see a review of my year here which the ace amelia's mag put together!

so here's a very wee giveaway to cheer you up ...

a sheet of soma wrap and some cards and maybe other things too!

all you need to do is a leave a comment below and tell me what the birds are carrying in their packages! (no it isn't a dog/horse/human head as people have suggested before...)

remember I have 35 % sale in my shop to make room for some new things! (coupon code JANSA)


  1. people's dreams ? either they're material or immaterial things and when they open them they become that every pretty people craved for :)

  2. Cheques for any outstanding invoices? It's really beautiful wrapping paper, I think if I got anything wrapped in this I wouldn't want to open it for fear of tearing it! Best of luck for 2012 :)

  3. Oh how very gorgeous, really very very gorgeous. Delivering gifts with love is what they're doing I think!

  4. very lovely indeed! Are they delivering bird watchers weekly?

  5. Bella (4) says worms... i think they would have worms
    (jolene x)

  6. Clearly the envelopes are carrying orders for splendid hats which the birds fashion from their unwanted feathers in their nest ateliers. The packages are the hats themselves on their way to the customers. I think they probably look a bit like this:
    Catherine @hepvintage

    1. congrats! you are my winner! please email me your address

  7. well, special birds like these seem to be, can only deliver special messages, like news about a soon to come newborn, or an all time love one is about to meet. I think they are carrying whispers of hart to a person :D

  8. Carrying fragments of their own existence and of those who believe such birds exist. They are the package, what carries them is the never ending flow of imagination.

  9. I think their packages are full off dessicated coconut that they are flying out of harm's rach.