Friday, 14 October 2011


I was so excited to be included in issue three of Wrap. Wrap is a magazine BUT it's pages are also designed to be used as wrapping paper (read wrap, wrap wrap) Personally I think you could also just display the art on your wall ....but if you want your presents to be extra special this christmas I would buy yourselves a few copies!

I was especially excited because my favourite knitware designer Donna Wilson was also included in this issue! Above you can see my contribution (Kings in the Forest) and a snap shot of the wonderful cover by Josephin Ritschel


  1. Hi Lesley, I ordered a copy of the magazine last week and it arrived yesterday so I've been pouring over its lovely pages all morning! Your pages are really beautiful - I don't think I can bring myself to cut it up and give it away though!

  2. This is the best idea ever...must find a copy and buy it.

  3. Emily! did you get a tote bag with your issue? It's lovely isn't it? and Flannery if you do decide to get one you will not be disappointed it really is lovely

  4. Hi Lesley! nope I mustn't have been quick enough for the tote bag as I think they went out just to the snappy early buyers! I definitely want to buy the back issues though as its such a nice magazine!

    PS Saw my friend Kate McLelland printing your postcard for the Gossip Wolf Supernatural project the other day- looked great and can't wait to see the finished packs!