Sunday, 8 May 2011

cent / worklife

I was very pleased to be featured in two rather super publications recently. Firstly the current issue of Cent Magazine, along with other fantastic illustrators like Jack Teagle , Ben Newman and Matt Roden. The Spring/Summer issue of Cent magazine, guest edited by photographer Minnie Weisz is out mid-April. For more info please visit Cent

I also got my copy of Work/Life 2 from Uppercase. A directory full of illustration wonder from Gemma Correll, Lisa Congdon, Mia Christopher, Lab Partners.......

It's a super book check out a flip through


  1. Hi Lesley. I wrote the story that you illustrated in Cent Magazine. Looks like great work. I still haven't received my author copy, so your photo is the first I've seen of it! Do you have any more images or scans you could send me?

  2. Hi Neil! whats your email? I will send you some hi-res scans

    also I can mention to cent that you didnt get your copy? I'm doing some illustration for them just now....

  3. Thanks. Email is

    Hires scan would be great; I'd like to frame it - beautiful image!