Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tiger in Fopp

I walked into Fopp and was greeted by a familar face......
Check out Kit's amazing album here
and please come and see me and Kit's special performance at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival!

AND my print is still up for auction on Print Okushon (all profits helping the efforts in Japan) and I will be including all sorts of good things to whoever wins! bid here


  1. wowzers! i had the same feeling when i spotted Gondry's dvd at HMV last week :D
    congrats, it looks so good there...

  2. its such an amazing picture, thankyou. K

  3. Rad-tastic! I dig it the most!

  4. I just discovered your work via the Work/Life book. I really love your unique style and imagery, especially the Quiet Tiger stuff. Well done!

  5. thanks everyone...and a roar to you andy!